Продолжительность экскурсии:1,5 часа

Рекомендуемый возраст:12+

Количество участников:5-20

от 1200 руб.

Вид экскурсии:Метро


1,5-hour TOUR QUEST to Moscow Metro: World of Underground Treasures


Test yourselves and get pleasure from visiting one wonder of the world more-Moscow Metro. Guided by a professional licensed expert you will have 1,5-hour challenge-tour quest of  Moscow’s most beautiful and thematic metro stations. As you explore the underground art treasure you will search for a historical figure/film character  LOST in the labyrinth of time.



*Discover the most picturesque stations of the Moscow Metro

*Learn the history behind every station and the general history of its construction

*Learn how the name of the station is reflected in decoration and architecture

*Use logic for solving riddles

*Get the hints for completing the tasks

*Find out the name of the lost historical character and discover the station you need

*Get complimentary gifts from the Moscow Metro


What you can expect

1,5-hour quest of exploring the most famous  metro stations: Teatralnaya Square-Ploshchad  Revolyutsii-Ohotnyi Ryad-Komsomolskaya-Novoslobodskaya -Belorusskaya –Mayakovskaya

The group moves from one station into the other one getting explanation about architectural style, decorative design of the stations combining with interesting facts of Russian history

Be ready to meet different challenges at every metro station

After collecting the hints, play Hide & Seek game trying to answer the two main questions: «Who is LOST?» and  «Where is the character  LOST?»

Enjoy the happy end of the quest and do not be LOST themselves





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